Friday, 1 August 2014

From blue to green

So after 6 weeks at Boots in Swansea last week I started a 4 week placement at Specsavers to see how the two companies compare and which one I would prefer to do my pre-reg with if I am lucky enough to get offers.

The first thing that struck me was the similarities in pre-tests and the handover coming out of the room, then the differences in offers - both lens types and the pricing. Learning all the lens types will be tricky and having done some dispensing with Boots I thought I would be good to go with Specsavers. WRONG! Single vision is fairly similar but the differing offers and types of varifocal mean there is still a lot to learn especially with the lab instore. I am actually looking forward to spending more time in the lab looking at how glasses are made and what the differing tolerances are which I feel is going to be a good start to third year.

So far I have been enjoying this placement just as much as my first in a different way. The staff are really friendly and have been nice enough to invite me out on the staff night out on Saturday and I've seen a lot more pathology, which has been good. I even managed to successfully diagnose a patient's sub-conjunctival haemorrhage this afternoon (I didn't tell patient but checked with optom afterwards and I was correct).

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