Wednesday, 23 July 2014

That's all folks!

So on Saturday I finished my placement at Boots. It was a mixed day, good as I don't have to get up early in the morning to go to work (7am is too early for me) and sad to leave all the lovely staff and customers I had met in my time working there.

So what did I learn from my time there:
1. I talk too much - not something I ever thought I would get told, but seems I try to convey too much information at times which results in wasted time and the point not being made properly.
2. Customers love me :-) always good to hear that from customers and staff. It seems 10 years of retail experience has paid off, as communication is a key part of optometry. Although point 1 means I still have areas to improve.
3. Optics is definitely where I want to work, it was so interesting to work in a proper store and see the difference glasses made to how people felt about their lives, and the difference referrals for cataracts or emergencies can make.
4. There are lots of good links between different parts of health care (both within Boots and others) but more could be done to help customers get the most benefit from one provider.
5. As I mentioned in first week round-up, optical consultants do a lot more work than I previously gave credit for them.

I received some very useful feedback from my time with Boots and was really glad I did the placement, now to wait and see if it leads anywhere. Many thanks to all at Swansea, Carmarthen Road - Sharron, Sam, Adele, Michelle, Chantelle, Jordanna, Abigail, Renee, Erin, Philip, Rhys, Mark, Sian, Sabera, Paul, Danielle, James and Karen for putting up with me and my random questions for 6 weeks.

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