Sunday, 28 September 2014

Third year begins

So after a busy summer of working various placements I do have an offer for a pre-reg position, a new weekend job and a slightly healthier bank balance even if I would have preferred to have a little more time to relax. Now however it is almost time for third year to begin.

Last week was Freshers week, my 7th in total, and I managed to survive (just) despite having a cold develop and being knackered the entire week. Wednesday especially I was walking round like a zombie for no real reason. The week was spent organising OPSOC and signing up members, new merchandise launches on Monday and then getting and trying to decipher my clinic timetable.

To be fair it's not that bad once you figure out the pattern and know which group you're in but just a bit scary the first time you see it. Overall mine isn't too bad apart from a few Thursdays towards the end of term when I go 9-6 straight with no breaks - it's going to hurt!

I am looking forward to starting back again, seeing real patients and learning more, although the first few weeks maybe a bit sketchy. The main thing I want to know is what I am going to write my dissertation on, get that in a week or two, as I actually want to start writing it mainly as I have a feeling the second semester is going to get hectic. I will probably not be saying this once I have the title and started it but that's life.

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